Downsizing by getting rid of your excess possessions and relocating to a smaller place has various benefits, especially for senior citizens. Traditionally, it’s a solution offered up for empty nesters as a way to reclaim their lives after the kids have left home. However, nowadays, people from all kinds of demographics are cleaning out and moving on to a simpler, less materialistic life.

Downsizing: The Benefits
First of all, you are going to save money when you downsize. When you get rid of all that wasted space and transfer to a smaller place, you spend less on your mortgage, insurance, taxes and utilities. That money saved can go toward travel, saving for the future, or splurging on lifestyle choices — all experiences that actually add happiness to your life.

Furthermore, when you live with less, there is less to clean. That means your place is more sanitary with less effort. Your home is happier and healthier, and you have more free time to actually enjoy it. Only keeping what you need has further psychological benefits. Clutter can be detrimental to your wellbeing. It causes stress and anxiety that make you sick.

If you want to have less of an impact on the environment, downsizing can help you with that as well. You use less gas, electricity, and water living in a smaller house. Downsizing is a way of using your power as a consumer to reduce your impact and preserve the scarce resources the earth has left.

Tips For Making Downsizing Work For You
The best way to begin your downsizing journey is to work on changing your mindset. Materialism is as American as apple pie and the desire to buy stuff is established early on — it’s a hard habit to break.

When getting rid of items, it’s OK to start slow by getting rid of things you know you don’t want anymore. However, the hard part is when it is time to let go of things you maybe never considered getting rid of. Old books from college may remind you of your academic years, but will you really ever use them again? Sometimes, downsizing means putting sentimentality aside and being pragmatic instead.

When it comes to the things you keep, focus on two things: utility and quality. Kitchen gadgets that only do one thing have no place in your new, downsized lifestyle. Instead, focus on things that have multiple uses and will stand the test of time. Items like a cast iron skillet and a KitchenAid mixer make a minimalist kitchen function. When buying new things, keep utility and quality in mind as well. Investing more in something that works saves you money in the long run as you buy fewer cheap replacement versions of a gadget or tool.

If you’re moving as a means of downsizing, make sure you set yourself up for success and hire a knowledgeable realtor who will go above and beyond and will be with you through every step of the process. When your home sells and it’s time to move, treat yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in and hire movers. Movers will get you from point A to point B efficiently and you’ll be settled in no time.

Simplifying your life by living with less helps reduce stress, improve health, and make time for the things in life that matter.

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